There are a huge number of viruses around us that cause similar symptoms. Viruses spread through the air or by touching Common cold in places where a lot of people gather: in transport, offices, schools. When microbes enter the body, our immune system responds to the attack and produces antibodies — protective proteins that kill the virus. This takes several days, from three to ten, and then the immune system destroys the germs.

In addition, respiratory levitra (those that affect the respiratory system) are highly contagious. If you are strong enough to go to work or study even when you are ill, then think that you can transmit the virus to a weakened person. And it will not be so easy for him to cope with a cold.

Generic levitra and fresh air from the window will not cause deterioration. On the contrary, they will help. Airing is a way to clean the air in a room from germs, the simplest and most affordable method of disinfection.Quiet walks in the fresh air also help you feel better, but you need to walk not in a shopping center, but in a Park or at least an alley, where there are not so many people.Of course, walking is a remedy for when you feel more or less normal or are already recovering.

It turns out that the cold passes by itself and it does not need to be treated. But this is difficult to accept, I want to do something as quickly as possible and somehow affect the body — do not sit idly by? But that's exactly what you need to do. For colds, care and regimen are the treatment, do not underestimate their importance.

For a more or less healthy person, a cold is not dangerous. But if you mock yourself and do not allow the body to recover, it can lead to complications. For example, a viral infection will be joined by a bacterial infection that needs to be treated for a long time, or a cold will turn into pneumonia. In addition, the infection can become chronic, meaning it will constantly return Levitra.

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