Do you still think that the things around you in the house don't have a clear system? Do Sildenafil husband's socks lying on the floor break the harmony of your order? Children's toys hopelessly fill the space of the entire apartment, spoil your image? We will tell you that all the objects around you describe your life system. The house is a mirror of the" universe " of a person and his family. It reflects all the events in the lives of people living in it, in the past, present and future.

Sildenafil the way the thing got into the house, where it lies, who it belongs to, you can tell about its owner - everything. This is not a fantasy, this is a clear cause-and-effect relationship. A chain of events that is set by a specific human scenario. Remember how Sherlock Holmes, using the deductive method, could tell about a person, hidden information, based on only one thing? This is really elementary! We, apartment detectives Aggasi Olga and Natalia Arabadji, will prove it! We will reveal secret knowledge; how to use your space to change the quality of life; how to reprogram your "universe" to enjoy life; how not to bring atmosphere-destroying objects into your home; how to learn to see the continuation of the "storyline"through things. In simple terms, you will learn to see your future and "edit" it by changing your home or office space! The first thing we will start with is an example from our practice of how the method of space Psychology works in action.

Brise Johnson

At first glance, we found nothing, but then, when Natasha looked under the bed, she asked in surprise: "God, what have you got there?» There was a real rifle under the bed on the side where my husband used to sleep. The woman looked at it and said it was her husband's rifle, which he always kept there just in case. We were discouraged by the find. With a gun under your bed, it's hard to find peace in your sleep, much less from your ex-husband. Sildenafil will not analyze all the symbolism: how a woman perceives her former spouse. Sildenafil goal is to make people look at" their " familiar things with new eyes and realize how important their presence is in their lives. The gun, of course, we said to return to my husband as soon as possible!

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